The DryErase Ventures Fellowship is for underserved founders who have an idea and don’t know where to start.

Ready to Take The Dive Into Entrepreneurship?

We’re here to help! The world of entrepreneurship is tough for underserved founders. So, we want to make it better.

Here are some facts that motivate us:

  • In 2017, 79% of VC funding went to all-male teams and only 2% went to all-women teams (Forbes).
  • In 2017, only 13% of VC funding went to minority-owned businesses (Crunchbase).
  • In 2018, DryErase Ventures was formed because we were fed up with this nonsense (DEV).

Become a  Fellow!


Our Founding Partners

We are minority founders who’ve been there before.

Kirk Alemán

Kirk Alemán

Founding Partner

Priten H. Shah

Priten H. Shah

Founding Partner

Perks & Benefits

Becoming a fellow gives you access to:

Seed Capital

We provide you the necessary capital to get your project up and running!

Networking with Other Fellows

Meet others and share your frustrations, challenges, and achievements with each other!

Business Consulting

Access our consultants with experience in fundraising, sales, product development, recruiting, and more!

Access to To Our Full Team

Don’t worry about finding lawyers, accountants, web developers or graphic designers!


Our mentors are here to provide advice, help you talk through your problems, and share their experience!

Extended Family

It may sound corny, but we really mean it when we say that anyone we invest in becomes a part of our family!

What We’re Looking For

You’re perfect for the fellowship, if you have:

A Non-Conformist Approach

You don’t settle for the traditional route. You carve a unique path to your own goals.

A Strong Work Ethic

Late nights, early mornings, long days, and huge to-do lists don’t scare you off!

A Good Heart

You live for more than just yourself. You care about the impact you have on others. 


We’ll reach out once you contact us!